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PEACH x QM Arts Society present: Creator of the Month – Levey Rodrigues

We are so excited to announce our Creator of the Month initiative! Every month, we will be spotlighting creators from the QM student community across different art forms. Our first Creator’s of the Month are the brilliant runners-up of the PEACH x QM Arts Society Poetry Competition, Levey Rodrigues (she/her) and Roshan Omar (she/her)!

Scroll down to check out our interview with Levey and to read more about her and her work!

Levey Rodrigues (she/her)

Bio: My name is Levey, and I am currently a student of Linguistics. I am in my second year at Queen Mary University of London. I have been writing as a hobby for a long time, starting in my early teens. I am so thankful for not stopping and continuing to explore different writing styles. Writing always helps me find solace and continues to inspire me.


Congratulations on being chosen as one of the runners-up for the PEACH x Arts Society poetry competition and being chosen as Creator of the Month! In your bio, you state that you started writing in your early teens. What originally lead you to write? 

Firstly, Thank you for considering me. I started off writing in my early teenage years. I have always loved English as a subject but I also always had this lingering thought of the subject being my favourite by default, since I was better in English than my other subjects. So, I started writing to see if I loved the process. Spoiler: I do.

Your bio also states that you enjoy many types of writing and writing styles. What style or type of writing do you find yourself most naturally in and why?

I think freeform or freewriting comes naturally to me. Some days, I can write non-stop and am flowing with creativity. Other days, I am completely burned out. It also depends on the type of day I’m having really. 

The body – specifically, relationships between bodies – has been a common theme throughout poetic history. Your poem ‘Comfort’ explores refuge in shared touch between familiar bodies, which resonates potently now more so than ever considering the presence of the pandemic. Do you find that this shift in our relationships to both our bodies and other bodies has affected your writing? How so?

This year, I recognised how much I actually miss shared human touch. It’s something that we have always taken for granted because you don’t expect it to be taken away so abruptly. Personally, I struggle with being expressive of my emotions. I think this year has taught me to work on that because you never know when it would be the last time you could see someone. The poem explores these thoughts and how ‘comfort’ is found in one another, something that was absent during this year.

Where would you love to see your writing go? This can be answered in regard to both career or publishing trajectories or/as well as style and personal development.

For now, I am just writing “for fun”. It’s something I enjoy doing and something I haven’t found the time to do in a long time. In a way, this year was a blessing since I could finally find the time to get back to writing after 2 years. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of pursuing this as a career. However, I would need to have much more experience before that.

Read Levey’s competition submission here:


By Levey Rodrigues

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