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Honouring Trans Awareness Week, Trans Day of Remembrance and Black Trans/Non-binary/GNC Writers

This year, Friday, November 20th (today), marks the end of Transgender Awareness Week via Trans Day of Remembrance. 

Both TAW and TDoR are important. They offer spaces where awareness can be brought to the specific forms of systemic violence faced by trans people, where both the collective and the individual losses of trans lives can be mourned, and where the collective and the individual celebration of trans lives can be honoured.

This year, in honour of TAW and TDoR, PEACH has decided to spotlight the voices of Black trans, non-binary, and GNC writers. As both part of our Decolonise Your Bookshelf initiative, and as an initiative in itself, we have started a reading list dedicated solely to writings by Black trans, non-binary, and GNC writers. In the demand that we centre the voices and experiences of Black trans people regularly and not just one week a year, we will be updating this list throughout the year on top of our regular Decolonise Your Bookshelf Reading List. As the year goes on, we hope to branch out beyond writing into art, film, performance, and more. 

Click here to head to the reading list now.

This is a minuscule effort and one that must be part of a larger collective push towards Black trans liberation. We also encourage direct action. If you have spare funds, please donate directly to some of the funds listed through the #BlackTransCrowdFund hashtag on Twitter (thank you to the Barts and the London LGBT+ Society for making us aware of the hashtag). Alternatively, you can donate to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute here.