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Introducing Our First Print Theme: ‘PASSAGES’


After a difficult period of time, this new academic year will hopefully be one of positive change and transition, and we want our first print run to reflect that. By making ‘passages’ the theme of our first print run, we are hoping it will provide an outlet to help aid the healing process this next year will bring. 

‘Passages’ can be the fleeting or lasting effect of going through changes in life. It could mean passing next to someone and recalling a memory; the perfume of that person might remind you of a family member; a stranger you cross paths with might look familiar without personally knowing them. “Passages” could be the feeling of wading through water – there is little resistance, it is natural and almost as instinctive as time passing through life.

What can Passages encompass?

Submissions can focus on: emotional or physical transitions, transformations, changes in physical space, the progression of time, or any other interpretation that reflects this theme!

We are open for submissions NOW. We take submissions for poetry, prose, short story, comics, illustration, paintings, collage, photography (including photographs of 3D art forms such as sculpture, embroidery, textile art, ect.). Deadline is the 13th of October! You can send your submissions to us at 

We are very much looking forward to seeing your submissions! 🍑