Islamaphobia Awareness Month: The Hereafter by Asia Khatun

My love, are you lost?
I see you’re searching for her, for him
But your fingertips are surrounded by light.
It’s blinding and all around your body, it keeps unwinding.
I went to touch you but you burned away in front of my eyes
And here I stand mesmerised, having realised that here lies
And her, and him.
But you are still lost in this light
And her, and him I cannot find,
Until the moment is flooded and I see too
My hand disappearing in the bright white
And I can’t find time to think about it all; about life.
I just want to remember what it’s like
To feel your hand on mine.
It’s okay, there’ll come a day
When it fades, there’ll be a stage and we’ll sit there reading news of the old Friday blues
And as it comes closer, I do not fear it.
Why would I fear it when I am in His hands?
I remember I prayed one day that I might be placed next to His house
So that maybe I would hear Him say:
I did it so you could stay with me this way.
It’s all part of His plan.
So when he shot us down, with bullets under his white crown
I did not cry; I must have smiled
Because waiting on this world for a glimpse of hope to unfurl
Would have taken too long.
And when I think of my children, I do not distress
His world, it is a test
But I know I will see them soon,
To enter His gates, free from hardships, they’ll convalesce.
So, my love, I think I can stop searching for you,
For her, and him.
I’ll just wait here, and In’sha’Allah we’ll meet again.