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Join us for our last workshop of 2020!

Come join us for our next creative workshop! It’s happening this Friday, December 11th from 6.30 – 8.00 pm! This will be our last workshop this term, so we’d love to see all your peachy faces before rounding out the year!

The theme of this week’s workshop is Beginnings!

Our workshops are open to all creative media – not just creative writing. All the exercises have been designed to help you flex your creative muscles no matter how you like to create. So grab your pens, paints, pencils, paper, tablets, and more and join us!

For now, all of our workshops will be hosted on MS Teams, but you do not need to have an MS Teams subscription to join them. Fill out the form below to sign up now!

FYI: This workshop is members-only! If you would like to participate in our creative workshops, you can buy PEACH membership now at: