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October Creator of the Month: Mariam Yusuf

We are so excited to introduce our October Creator of the Month! Every month, we will be spotlighting creators from the QM student community across different art forms.

Our October Creator of the Month is Mariam Yusuf, Spanish and Comparative Literature student, poet and photographer!

Scroll down to check out our interview with Mariam and to read more about her and her work!


Hi everyone, my name is Mariam and I’m a first-year student studying Spanish and Comparative Literature! I have recently gotten into photography and writing because of Peach magazine as well as other activities – 

I have loved being able to explore my creative side further with them! In my free time I like to explore nature and the city with my friends; read; write and of course…go on social media haha (it is a guilty hobby after all right!). But still, thanks to Peach magazine I  have been going outside my comfort zone by writing more haikus and poetry! Xx


Congratulations on being chosen as Creator of the Month!

Other than creating submissions for PEACH Magazine, what has inspired you to start writing and taking photographs?

Thanks so much for picking me to be the Creator of the Month – really wasn’t expecting it!

Funny story about how I got into writing…during secondary school I’ve always hated writing since I felt like I wasn’t creative. However one day, my friend forced me to take part in this writing competition and granted I didn’t win the competition; it still made me want to write since I LOVED the whole process of creating my story (even though it was a pretty long one!). As for Photography, I think I always just loved taking aesthetic pictures on my phone. So when it came to choosing my A-Levels, inevitably I just had to pick it! And although Photography wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be – it was definitely a good experience I’m glad I went through anyway.

What was it about Photography that made you choose it as medium for your creative practice?

Well…I honestly was not expecting to turn to Photography for my submission! I was hoping to write something actually but with the workshop we did for the “passages” theme I was able to come up with so much different ideas that I was keen on submitting them all!  But because of personal circumstances, photos were the only thing I could really turn to that I felt comfortable with. But I’m definitely glad I did that since I’m happy with the outcome of doing that.

Are there specific themes you find yourself gravitating towards in your poetry & haikus?

I haven’t written much poems to have a recurring theme but so far I think they all have something to do with their natural states and aestheticity. So far I have written about a candlelight and being in a spa and both are seen to be very calming and aesthetic pieces which I wanted to pick up on when writing my poetry and haikus! 

What is it about nature and the city, or the contrast between the two, that inspires you?

I think I was inspired by the nature because I just love how aesthetic and beautiful it looks – hence why I’ll always be taking pictures of it! And as for the city well, you can’t get more city than London right! Honestly, I was originally planning on moving out of London for university but I’m definitely glad I stayed near home because it is just such a buzzing place with places to go and things to see every day!I think the city just inspires me to be more bold with my work and have that confidence to do things more arbitrarily – such as get in touch with my creative side more.

Seeing as you are studying Spanish for your degree, do you also write poetry in Spanish/Do you enjoy reading Spanish poetry?

I have read some Spanish texts due to the degree helping me explore the Spanish culture with further depth. I haven’t gotten the courage to write Spanish poetry or pieces but maybe that might be coming in the future!

Mariam’s Work:

A fire burning

How do I put it out?

Help me, I’m in need.