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PEACH x QM Arts Society present: Creator of the Month – Devina Vassileva

We are so excited to introduce our March Creator of the Month! Every month, we will be spotlighting creators from the QM student community across different art forms. Our March Creator of the Month is the multimedia artist. QM student and PEACH member Devina Vassileva!

Scroll down to check out our interview with Devina and to read more about her and her work!

Devina Vassileva (she/her)


I am a storyteller. 

My BA is in English and Drama at Queen Mary University, London, but I don’t limit myself to it.

I paint, shoot films, write scripts, act and have some experience in journalism. 

I try not to put labels on anything and genuinely try and think outside of social boxes. 

I am obsessed with colours and organizing every detail surrounding me, however, I try and incorporate natural chaos in my favour and have a hint of it in everything I do.


Congratulations on FriDgid and on being Creator of the Month! On your website, you describe yourself as a ‘storyteller’. What does being a storyteller mean to you?

For me, a storyteller is anyone who can depict or analyse the human and offer a way to heal our broken parts through narrative. This can be through painting, photography, literature, film, theatre, etc. Most art forms capture something from human life. I could argue that science offers storytelling too. Isn’t decoding our DNA some form of storytelling, too? Or in physics, where we can discover the story of the universe?

If our research proves correct, FriDgid is your first foray into directing a short-film that you wrote yourself. As a storyteller, what drew you to experimenting with short-film, both as a whole and specifically as a medium for FriDgid?

I am interested in working with various art forms but film has a special place in my life. It is the visual art form that can show a whole life just in pictures. I love that you can go without saying a single word and everybody will understand the story. With FriDgid, I wanted to push this further by limiting the visual field and seeing what would happen and if it would work. The style made a natural U-turn back to the beginning of cinema; no dialogue, a strong soundtrack and a rediscovery of jump-shots as something good. 

The script came to life at QM for the Film making society in my first year, dealing with a controlling mother. When lockdown hit, I revisited it and it grew in a different direction. Being at home daily makes us co-inhabitants with the furniture we usually walk by. I wanted to tell a story that could portray the limited space we live in and the small territory our existence actually takes up, lockdown or not. I wanted to take something as boring as a refrigerator and turn it into a life’s story. 

And I love food. My life gravitates around my fridge. 

Your website also states that you seek to incorporate a hint of natural chaos’ into everything you do. What is your process for building natural chaos into your creation?

I wish I had an answer to that question. Friends have noticed that I manage to be hyper-organized and structured but still be a mess. Control is what pushes through my day, but that mess or chaos is what makes me human. I think that seeps into my art. There is plenty of control in it, but I manage to let go of it when I need to and let something messy but true shine through. 

Finally, your portfolio is incredibly vast. It includes everything from film to theatre and even makeup artistry (and much more!). Where would you like to see your artistry go beyond now? This can be answered in regard to both career trajectories or/as well as style and personal development.

I struggled to choose one job, but I managed to settle with Artist. I want to mix materials, points of view, forms and genres. At the moment I am planning my debut as a stage director, with a project (hopefully) for the autumn of 2022 and for the summer I am putting together an art exhibition of a selection of portraits. The funds will go towards the making of the stage production. But I am most excited for my Practiced-based Research project as the pinnacle of my study at QM. Joe Stratford and I are putting together a VR dance piece. I guess this speaks for who I am as a person; an artist who loves pastel colours and wants to experiment with every art form out there.

Where you can find Devina’s work: