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Welcome to PEACH Magazine 2021/2022 !

Our new PEACH Logo

Hello, welcome to PEACH!

We are so excited to create with you this upcoming year. With this new year comes new paths, opportunities and transitions. Plus, a beautiful new logo! We have a lot planned, everything from open mic nights, to workshops, talks with industry professionals, prompts, collaborations with other societies and three, very exciting print runs.

Our goal for this next year is to make everyone feel welcome by creating a comforting space for everyone and their art. Everyone is welcome to join no matter your level of experience or your background with creative writing or visual arts.

At Peach we publish an array of content including poetry, short stories, flash fiction, photography, visual art, and anything else that can be printed. This could include photographs of 3D sculptures, textile art, embroidery, and so on! We are open to sharing any creative works, i.e. if you wanted to share your film or a video of you reading your own poetry we would be more than happy to share.

Every month we will continue electing a creator of the month on Spotlight. To showcase work from artist’s from all over the world that are part of our tight-knit community!


Additionally, we will also be introducing PeachPip, a more laidback, online zine with no restrictions on themes or ideas that can be explored, you are more than welcome to submit any of your work to us at any time.

If you would like to become apart of this peachy community, follow the link below to purchase your membership:

This might just be PEACH’s biggest year yet so stay tuned and follow our socials for more information!

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If you have any further questions or simply want to introduce yourself, do not hesitate to get in touch! We are looking forward for this next year at PEACH.

Yours truly,

Maya and Alexandra

Deputy and Managing Editors at PEACH Magazine