What is a PEACH Workshop?

Join us at one of our creative workshops!

Our workshops are spaces for creative exploration. These are guided sessions where you can participate in series of exercises aimed at exploring your creative and artistic expression. Our Workshop Leaders will help guide you through the session with creative prompts and themes upon which each of the exercises is based.

In this space we ask you to tune into your authentic voice and create freely without fear of imperfection or judgement. Here, we ask you to allow your creative juices to flow into your desired creative medium.

Previously, these workshops have been solely focused on creative writing. We’ve decided to move beyond this and open them up to all creative and artistic mediums, whether that be painting, drawing, writing, graphic design, etc. So grab your paints, paper, and pens (or whatever tools you use to create) and join us at our fortnightly creative workshops!

We look forward to creating with you!

PLEASE NOTE: All workshops are being held virtually via MS Teams in order to make them accessible to everyone. You do not have to have an MS Teams account to join them. We will offer sign ups sheets and QR codes through which you can join the workshops.