Workshop Archive

Workshop 1 – The Body (17.09.2020)

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year and it has wreaked havoc on our bodies. By centring our first workshop on the body, we hope to offer the chance for people to explore their own physical presence and hopefully offer healing in doing so. Go exploring in the depths of The Body and create from what you find! Here are a few exercises to help you on your way:

Exercise 1: Free Writing

Duration: 5 minutes

For this exercise, we ask that you spend 5 minutes free-creating. For those of you who don’t know what free-creating is, it is much like free-writing. Free-creating is where you put pen to paper, paint brush to canvas, pen to tablet, etc. and create without stop. Let anything and everything that comes to mind flow out without thought or judgement, and, whatever you do, try to not stop in the process.

Exercise 2: Lists

Duration: 15 minutes (2.5+2.5+10)

For our second exercise, focus on one body part of your choice. It can belong to your body, it can just be a body part that isn’t connected to you. For example, you may choose to write about your hand, or you may choose to write about a hand that doesn’t belong to you, or a hand you know well.

For the first part of this exercise, spend 2.5 minutes writing a list of all of the physical attributes of the body part you have chosen to focus on.

Once you have done this, spend 2.5 minutes writing a list of words or phrases that describes your emotional or psychical relationship to the body part.

Now that you have your two lists, the final part of this exercise will focus on combining them. Merge them in an exploration of your chosen body part. Let yourself see how the dialogue between these two lists meets and clashes when they’re explored together and try to create something from that outcome. See how the words, emotions, concepts, images, etc. play on each other. Some may come together naturally, others may fight each other. Explore everything that arises from this and put it in your work! Give yourself 10 minutes to explore and create from these meetings.

Exercise 3: Bodies You Know Well

Duration: 15 minutes

For this next exercise, you will be creating from a body you know well. In this case, we are defining body as the physical form of something and anything. It can be human or non-human, dead or alive, huge or microscopic, etc. We want you to take this time to search through your relationship to this body. Ask yourself questions like, what is it? How do I know it? How does it exist in its form? How does it exist in relation to me and my body?

An example of this might be the moon. We all know it well and have our whole lives. If you were writing about the moon, you may explore things like its physical form, its position as a celestial body, etc. You might also try to create a dialogue between the moon and yourself, exploring your dualised positions as earth bound and not, as human and not, as big and small, etc.

There are so many options here and we want to give you plenty of space to delve into them deeply. Give yourself 15 minutes to really explore and create from that exploration.

Exercise 4: Embodying the abstract

Duration: 15 minutes

For our final exercise, we are asking you to embody the abstract. Previous exercises have asked you start with the physical and use that as a springboard to delve into the emotional and psychical. This exercise flips that on its head. We are now asking you to approach the abstract and embody that via physical creation. This abstractness can be anything you’d like it to be – it can be the emotional, the philosophical, the intuitive – anything that is difficult to pin down concretely and physically. Give yourself 15 minutes to dig into an abstractness of your choice and create from that. Because this is abstract, keeping yourself flexible. The definitions of abstract and embodying are up to you!